Emergency Sandbag Service

Wheatfield carry stock of sandbags all year round! With up to 5000 at any time available for immediate delivery or collection.

At Wheatfield Decorative Stone we offer an emergency sandbag service so you can protect your property from flood waters during the rainy season. You can come to our Banbridge depot to pick up your emergency sandbags or you can call us and we can deliver a shipment of sandbags right to your door. You can also buy emergency sandbags in bulk.

 How Sandbags Work

 The sand itself doesn’t hold back the water. Floodwaters are filled with fine particles like silt and clay. The sand catches these particles and they fill the gaps in the sand, making the sand a better barrier. As more water flows through, the sand gets muddier and allows less water to seep through the bag. This whole cycle is what keeps the flood waters away from your property.

Why Use Our Emergency Sandbag Service?

Even though technology has advanced a great deal, sandbags are still the go-to solution during floods. This is due to a number of factors but put simply, sandbags are easy to use, inexpensive, and they work well. Once you purchase your emergency sandbags from Wheatfield Decorative Stone you place them around your property in order to keep flood waters at bay for certain periods of time.