Organic Topsoil

At Wheatfield we supply and deliver the best quality organic topsoil for landscaping. Made to your requirements, we ensure you get what you need for your landscaping needs. Our Experts are always willing to chat if you would like to discuss, you can find our number at the top of our website.

Safe and consistent

We blend our topsoil without manures to ensure our customers are receiving the best possible topsoil. 
This is because manure can be variable in quality and consistency and, in some instances, potentially harmful. 
Screened topsoil is a fertile, organic rich and friable topsoil therefore you are assured of the best looking topsoil.

Finally as it is a consistent blend derived from prime arable land and organic matter, which ensures uniform results. 

Enhancing Drainage

To enhance drainage, we are able to add grit or sand to the soil.

This can be mixed prior to delivery or collection.

While customers are able to collect their goods from our depot, we also offer a delivery service.

Delivering to throughout County Down we are able to deliver loose lorry loads as well as bulk bag loads.

 Organic TopSoil

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