Supplying stone for over 20 years

Find out what makes us one of the top provider of decorative stone and building suppliers in Ireland. Everything from our quality product and how it all started explained.

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Find out everything you need to know about us and the services we offer in our short promotional video.

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When you need landscaping supplies like pebbles, sand, or chipped bark come to Wheatfield Decorative Stone. Our two locations serve the Banbridge and Rathfriland areas proudly.

At Wheatfield Decorative Stone we aim to provide you with top quality supplies for your agricultural, construction, or landscaping needs. We have two convenient locations in Banbridge and Contact us for more information.

Our core Services & how we started

Gardening Supplies

If you are looking for gardening supplies like gravel, top soil, or chipped bark, look no further than Wheatfield Decorative Stone. We also have sands for landscaping purposes.

Emergency Sandbags

If your area is prone to flooding then you are used to using sandbags to protect your home and property from flood water. We make and sell those sandbags that keep the flood waters at bay.

Pathway De-icing Salt

When the wintry weather rolls around you can be prepared for the icy conditions with our de-icing salt. We make flexible deliveries and offer contract pre-packaging services for most of our products.

Livestock Lime Bedding

For those of you who raise livestock, we offer lime bedding to help reduce the bacterial content in your livestock’s bedding. With bulk deliveries available, we can accommodate your requirements, and deliver to your door.