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Find out what makes us one of the top provider of decorative stone and building suppliers in Ireland. Everything from our quality product and how it all started explained.

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Wheatfield Stone has been in existence since 2005. The company was born out of the owner and founder, Mark McCrum’s love of gardening. As a result of this passion for gardening, Mark had been frustrated in his purchasing good quality garden landscaping products in the local area.

The sources for such products were extremely limited and therefore Mark thought, there would be many other gardening enthusiasts like him, with the same frustrations, and so he decided he would fill that gap in the supply chain and Wheatfield Decorative Stone was formed.

Expansion over the years

Back in 2005, during the first few months of business, Mark had a steady flow of customers to the side of his father David’s farmyard which was set aside for storing a small range of decorative stone. Early customers that required a home drop off had their stones delivered in a newly invested in, second-hand jeep and tipping trailer.

Today, Wheatfield Decorative Stone runs a fleet of 6 easily recognisable delivery vehicles fitted with the latest lifting gear while back at the yard, these deliveries are supported by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable team of individuals and the latest loading vehicles and picked by the most up-to-date robotic technology.

Lifting gear on our fleet of delivery vehicles, and our commitment to help our customers as best we can, often allow us to place products accurately into a position of the customer’s choice. This reduces the additional back breaking workload of the home gardener or landscaper.